Best Pallet Supplier In Johor, Malaysia

Established in Johor, Malaysia since 2010 and has more than 10 years of experience in pallet manufacturing, trading, repairing, and recycling.

Most Recommended Pallet Supplier In Johor Since 2010

Who We Are

With 10 years of experience in pallet supplying, trading of recycling pallets, and repairing pallet services. We become the leader in this industry with a good reputation. 

What makes our company become the recommended pallet solution in Johor, Malaysia is because we are committed to our work by offering the best pallet solution to our clients.

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Our Products

New Wooden Pallet

Recycle / Used Plastic Pallet

Pallet Collar

New Plastic Pallet

Wooden Crate / Box

Customize Pallet

Recycle / Used Wooden Pallet

Plywood Pallet

Compressed Wood Pallet

Our Customers

"I recommended Kato Wooden as your pallet provider. Because their delivery is always on time, as well as the services is excellent."
Power Root
"Our company love their services because their team will always help us design a cost-effective solution to protect our products."
Wan Sern
"Thank you Kato Wooden for their good support. We have been using their wood pallet for many years and no problem at all and deliver on time."
Enaq Sauce

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