New Wooden Pallet

Our new wooden pallets are manufactured according to high quality ISO standards and all specifications.

Approx Load Capacity (kgs) Thickness / Height Dimension(mm)
850 kg
1200 x 1000
2500-2550 kg
1200 x 1000

New Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallets are ideal for most applications. Medium-sized timber pallets can realize efficient handling and storage. New Wooden Pallet required for export can be processed on-site in our dedicated facility to heat treat pallets that meet ISPM15 standards which includes IPPC iron branding stamp.

Benefits of wooden pallet:

  • Wooden pallets are affordable
  • Durability and strength
  • Wide availability
  • Wooden Pallet can be recycled
  • Wooden Pallets can be repaired
  • Better friction than other materials
  • Maximum load is not affected by temperature

*If the size you require is not on the list, please contact our team for a custom-made pallet based on your size. 

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