Plywood Pallet

The highest quality, sturdy structure, and scratch-resistant materials are the first choices for global exports.

Approx Load Capacity (kgs) Thickness / Height Dimension(mm)
850 kg
1200 x 1000
1500 x 2000kg
1200 x 1000

Plywood Pallet

Plywood pallets (fumigation-free pallets) are just wood that does not require heat or chemical treatment before being transported according to ISPM. Because in the production process, the plywood has been heat treated during the production process. Plywood is produced under high temperature (110℃~140℃) and high pressure.

Benefits of plywood pallet:

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Moisture & termite resistance

*If the size you require is not on the list, please contact our team for a custom-made pallet based on your size. 

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