is Recycle Wooden Pallet Good for the Environment ?

Recycled Wooden Pallets can save trees by not having to be cut down. They can also be reused multiple time and have a high recycling rate. People might be astonished at the amount of wooden pallets used in supply chain logistics and wonder what this has on the environment.

Wood pallets can be repurposed and are sustainable. They were actually recently issued an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which certifies their eco-friendliness. This is the first such certification for supply chain packaging.

Multiple organizations gave this certification, including the Forest Products Laboratory which is a research arm for the U.S. Forest Service as well as UL which is a global leader of third-party EPD certificate. Talk to our experts about the many advantages of wooden pallets, and their green nature. Because these pallets are made from recycled materials, they are also good for the Environment.

  1. Sustainable
  2. Repairable
  3. Recyclable
  4. Potentially carbon-negative


Wood pallets are highly sustainable and made mostly from specially grown trees. Pallet manufacturing doesn’t usually cause deforestation, or other environmental concerns. The purpose of trees is to be cut into lumber that can then be used in pallets. Pallets are therefore a sustainable and renewable resource. Pallets are now made mainly from softwood species which can be replenished quickly and grow quickly.


One of the biggest strengths of pallets is their ability to be repaired. Wooden pallets can be broken or damaged, but they can also be fixed quickly and easily, unlike metal or plastic. It is possible to replace the deck boards and repair the stringers.

Many pallets are reused multiple times before they become obsolete. Kato Wooden been providing Pallet Repair Services. You may contact us for more info. Wooden pallets can be easily repaired, have the same weight as new pallets and are a fraction more expensive! 


After multiple repairs to pallets, they are then used for other purposes. Wooden pallets appear to be one of the most recycled supply chain packages available, with over 95% of pallets avoiding landfills according to a Virginia Tech research project.

Why are so many pallets being recycled? Because Wooden Pallet can be used in many different ways. It is often possible to reuse pallets and extend their life spans by cutting them into smaller pieces. Any scrap wood that is not usable can be ground into mulch, or made into biomass for use in energy-generation facilities.

Carbon Net-Negative

This is also known as net-positive carbon emission. If a pallet is properly recycled, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by preventing them from being released over its lifetime. The use of recycle pallet, can be repair and complete recycling of wood and other materials, like nails, can all be done so as to reduce carbon emissions.

Wooden pallets offer a flexible and reliable packaging solution that is also sustainable. Proper repair and recycling can help you reduce your greenhouse emissions while also saving money.

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