Why Heat Treatment Pallets Are Better Than Fumigation

To comply with international import regulations, wooden pallets or wood packaging materials must be heat-treated or treated with chemicals. Fumigation can cause adverse health effects and environmental damage.

The International Plant Protection Convention also name ( Plant Protection Convention Ippc ) currently has 184 members. The International Plant Protection Convention is a group of 184 member countries that agree to follow certain trade regulations. This includes treating wood packaging so as to eliminate pests.

This is called Heat Treatment ISPM15 and can be met by heat treatment or chemical fumigation pallets. Talk to a pallet expert for more information about wood pallets and packaging heat treatments.

  • Carries no health risks
  • Has no negative environmental effects
  • Lowers your costs

Methyl Bromide Risks

Methyl bromide is the chemical used for wood packaging fumigation. Bromomethane is also known. This chemical was used as a pesticide fumigant, and refrigerant. It is used in many different industries and products around the globe. Although it was once more widespread, the usage of methyl bromide is now much less common.

Exposition to this chemical can Burn skin, damage the lungs, irritation eyes, kidney damage and Negative neurological effects There are also short- and

Long-term health issues for humans. Ozone depletion can also be caused by methyl bromide. This allows for more UV radiation from the sun to reach our planet’s surfaces.

In 2005, it was banned in all applications of the European Union. It was allowed to be used in shipping sterilization and quarantine, but it was banned completely in 2010. The United States Environmental Protection Agency also eliminated methyl bromide in 2005. It has not been banned from use in shipping cases.

Advantages of Heat Treatment

Heat treatment, however, requires heat to produce steam. With no adverse health effects or environmental impacts. Instead of using chemicals to sterilize pallets or packaging, heat treatment heats the lumber for at least 30 minutes to reach 132.8 core temperature degrees Fahrenheit. This eliminates pests and pathogens without the risk of chemical treatment fumigation.

Furthermore, Heat treatment is cheaper and can be passed on to customers.. This cost reduction can be significant, especially for exporters with high volumes. Also, heat treating is possible Not requiring transport to specialized fumigation sites, which reduces turnaround times..

KATO WOODEN INDUSTRIES can operate several kilns distributed throughout our network of facilities. You can always export pallets from Pallet Consultants because we have the ability to produce large quantities of custom, recycled, and new pallets.

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