How To Choose Pallet For Your Shipment ?

It is important to find the correct shipping pallets before you send cargo off for distribution. It may depend on the cargo that you are shipping, whether you need a clean pallet or if the load is heavy.

Plastic pallets can be used for almost any purpose. How can you choose the right pallet for you?

How much should you have?

Some pallets are stronger than others. It is also important to consider how much weight can be carried for heavy loads. Plastic pallets are made using high-tech manufacturing processes that produce consistent weight-bearing results. You can also use different types depending on your needs. New Wooden pallets are made from different strips. This means that the strength of individual items and batches can vary greatly. Plastic pallets can hold up to ten times as much weight as wooden pallets depending on the design and materials used.

It is important to consider the load stability when choosing a pallet. There are many options for pallets with sides and lids.

What level of hygiene is required?

Some shipments, like pharmaceuticals or food, require strict hygiene standards. Plastic pallets can be cleaned easily and pose no risk of contamination. In order to preserve cleanliness, some manufacturers won’t allow wooden pallets into their facilities. Instead, they prefer to have the shipment transferred onto plastic upon arrival. To make cleaning easier, it is worth looking into pallets that are specifically made for hygiene. For certain goods, spill containment pallets may be an option.

Plastic pallets are suitable for pharmaceutical and food products which require that the product be kept at a certain temperature. The wooden option can be damaged or bent by extreme temperatures, hot and cold.

Where is the shipment going to?

A certificate of fumigation is required by many countries before they will accept wooden packaging. If the recipient country does not accept the certificate, the fumigation process may take longer, cost more, and cause delays. Plastic pallets solve this problem because they don’t promote disease and infection.

Another important consideration is how the pallet will be transported and stored when it’s loaded. You should also consider how the pallet will be moved and stored when it is loaded.

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